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Blue Line trains moving after suspicious object found to be anti-theft device

Sun-Times file photo

Blue Line service was being restored Monday evening after Chicago Police determined that a suspicious object thrown on the tracks at a Northwest Side station was an anti-theft device from a store.

As of 7:15 p.m., some Blue Line trains were operating with residual delays as service was being restored, according to the CTA.

Trains were halted during the evening commute after someone threw the device on the tracks at the Logan Square station at 2620 N. Milwaukee, according to Chicago Police. Officers responded with a K-9 unit and determined the device wasn’t a threat.

Trains were stalled between the California and Montrose stations as police investigated the suspicious object, the CTA said.

The interruptions caused plenty of headaches for commuters trying to get home, including overpacked busses, delayed shuttles between stations and packed platforms.

To pass the time, some commuters took to Twitter to vent their frustrations.