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Scene at Racine: ‘The Gentleman Caller’ cast, playwright discuss Raven staging

Curtis Edward Jackson (left) and Rudy Galvan in Raven Theatre’s world premiere of "The Gentleman Caller." | Christopher Semel

Philip Dawkins’ latest work, “The Gentleman Caller,” is a two-man affair, literally, set in 1944 and centering on a meeting and presumed subsequent relationship between legendary playwright Tennessee Williams and St. Louis newspaper reporter (and later playwright/novelist) William Inge.

The actors and playwright talk about the real-life characters.

Dawkins, along with stars Curtis Edward Jackson (as Inge) and and Rudy Galvan (as Williams), stopped by the Sun-Times studio to talk about the world premiere production at Raven Theatre (visit

“I’m always looking for stories of people who a majority of people are choosing not to listen to,” Dawkins said. “I tried to listen to [Williams’ and Inge’s] ghosts as much as possible [in writing this play]. And they had a lot to say.”

Scene at Racine is an occasional series of theatrical performances taped at the Chicago Sun-Times studios as part of our commitment to shining a light on Chicago’s vibrant arts and culture offerings.