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As summer comes to an end, get a side hustle for fall

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When we think of seasonal work, we tend to think of summer and winter. But fall provides plenty of opportunities to pick up a side hustle and put a little extra in your pocket.

1. Back-to-school shopper

As summer comes to an end and back-to-school season begins, parents can no longer put off supply and clothing shopping. Help your local moms and dads avoid this stressful and time-consuming chore. Just get a list of school supplies from your client and do the shopping to fill it, then deliver the goods. While there is only a short-term need for back-to-school shopping specifically, this is a service that could easily translate into a longer-term personal shopper or grocery shopper role for the right family.

2. Yard cleanup

You can’t get through fall without falling leaves in most places. And most people hate to rake them up themselves. If you love being outdoors and don’t mind breaking a sweat, you could be earning money in your spare time giving hedges their last prune, trimming any tree limbs that could cause damage in a winter storm, getting those leaves off lawns, and putting gardens to bed for the season. You’ll need to invest in some equipment, but depending on the scope of the services you offer, your investment could be minimal.

Adobe Stock Photo
Adobe Stock Photo

3. Moving students

Late summer/fall is the season when students are on the move — moving from their parents’ homes into dorms, returning from summer jobs and looking for places to live. In almost all cases, they have stuff that has to be moved too. If you live in a college town or near a university and have a truck, van, or trailer, moving students and their stuff could be a profitable side business. And it wouldn’t be hard to turn this side hustle idea into a year-round small business if you expand your target audience.

4. Tutor or coach

Take advantage of the back-to-school mentality and start your own tutoring side hustle. No matter your expertise, tutoring is a flexible way to make extra cash. Students of any age could benefit from learning to play an instrument, developing sports skills, speaking a foreign language fluently, improving their business and writing skills, or learning how to use computer programs like Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Excel. Teach from anywhere as a virtual instructor or offer lessons locally on the evenings and weekends.

5. A good Halloween scare

Love a good fright and the potential to get paid to play a character? Get hired for your local haunted house as a zombie, ghoul, or ghost. No acting skills? No problem. You could offer custom costume designs, homemade confections, or even face painting all the way through October 31.