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ENDORSEMENT: Jeanette Taylor for alderman in 20th Ward runoff

20th Ward runoff aldermanic candidate Jeanette B. Taylor. | Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Residents of this ward that includes Woodlawn, Englewood, Back of the Yards and Washington Park are looking for an ethical, capable alderman who will focus on the community’s long-neglected needs. After three shady aldermen in a row, voters will turn the page to a new, better day with this runoff.

Activist Jeanette Taylor, who is opposed by former teacher Nicole Johnson, is our pick in this race. Taylor has energy and enthusiasm, speaks her mind and has a record of fighting for working people, most recently as an organizer for the Kenwood-Oakland Community Organization. Taylor’s been a strong advocate for public schools. She served on a local school council for many years and helped lead the hunger strike that forced City Hall to keep Dyett High School open.

Taylor has been a leader in a campaign to get a community benefits ordinance for the Obama Presidential Center, to be built in the neighboring 5th Ward. But Taylor made clear that she nevertheless supports the OPC. Development doesn’t have to lead to gentrification and displacement.


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