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Man shot up car with child inside during road rage incident in NW Indiana: cops

A Toyota Yaris sustained gunfire during a road rage-related shooting incident Thursday in northwest Indiana. | Indiana State Police

A man is facing charges after shooting at a car carrying a small child during a road rage-related incident Thursday afternoon in northwest Indiana.

At 3:23 p.m., an Indiana State Police dispatch center received a call of a possible road rage incident involving gunfire. A 24-year-old Lake Station woman said she was following the suspect as he drove a Dodge Charger west on Interstate 80/94 from Ripley Road near Lake Station, state police said.

As she approached Interstate 65, the woman pulled her Toyota Yaris over near Grant Street after realizing one of the tires was going flat, state police said. The charger’s driver sped off, but she was able to catch the license plate number and offer a description of the driver — a black male with a silver grill over his teeth.

A responding trooper found the woman and confirmed that her car had been struck by at least two bullets, one of which pierced a rear tire, state police said. The gunfire didn’t strike the woman, a man who was riding with her or a two-year-old who was sitting in the back seat.

The Charger was eventually located near the intersection of 25th Avenue and Grant Street in Gary, state police said. Troopers then took 25-year-old Davonte Biddings into custody and found two guns in his car.

Troopers later learned the road rage incident started at a trailer park in Lake Station and continued elsewhere, state police said. After pulling up alongside the Yaris at Ripley Road, Biddings smiled at the other driver and opened fire.

While Biddings was in custody at the Lowell state police station, surveillance cameras caught him attempting to hide marijuana in his underwear, state police said.

Biddings, of Gary, was then transferred to the Lake County jail in Crown Point, where he is being held on preliminary charges of criminal recklessness and cannabis possession, state police said. Further charges may be pending.