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Body found in Lake Michigan near Waukegan

North Harbor in Waukegan | Google Maps

A person was found dead in Lake Michigan Thursday near north suburban Waukegan.

The male body was spotted in the water about 8:30 a.m. in a harbor in the first block of East Madison Street in Waukegan, according to a statement from the Lake County sheriff’s office. Authorities recovered the body from a rocky area near a pier.

The person, who remains unidentified, was taken to the Lake County coroner’s office, the sheriff’s office said.

Coroner Dr. Howard Cooper said an autopsy is scheduled for Thursday.

Authorities spent the first three months of 2019 searching for a 16-year-old boy who went missing in Lake Michigan at Waukegan Municipal Beach. The boy had jumped in to save the life of another teen who fell in. The boy who fell in was pulled out, but the teen who jumped in remained missing.

The Waukegan Fire Department called off the search on March 26 after searching the beach with sonar.