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This WGN anchor filling a pothole with giardiniera is the most Chicago thing ever

WGN anchor Pat Tomasulo fills a pothole with giardiniera. | YouTube

It’s pothole season in Chicago, and instead of waiting for our roads to fix themselves, some people are taking matters into their own hands.

Like WGN anchor Pat Tomasulo, who hosts a late night comedy show on Saturdays called “Man of the People.”

In the show that aired over the weekend, Tomasulo stopped by the Vienna Beef Factory Store & Cafe and picked up a couple of large tubs of “Chicago Style Giardiniera.” He then got to work on a pothole near the intersection of Damen Avenue and Schiller Street.

Wearing a yellow hard hat and neon construction vest, Tomasulo wheeled a barrow full of pickled peppers to a nasty-looking pothole and used a shovel to fill it with the oily condiment.

“Your city at work!” he yelled at those walking by.

“That’s dope,” said a man riding up Damen in a scooter. He let Tomasulo spoonfeed him giardiniera before puttering off again.

Once Tomasulo stepped away from his job-well-done, cars drove over the giardiniera-filled pothole, making a slapping sound and sending pickled peppers flying everywhere.

But his good deed was not complete. He grabbed a lunchbox full of Italian beef sandwiches, and asked people around him if they wanted an “Italian beef, courtesy of the city, with some pothole giardiniera.”

Some said “no,” but others accepted the offer, so Tomasulo flung the beefs into cars and across traffic to anyone who wanted one.

Watch the full video here: