Vote to protect the Affordable Care Act and my health

My only option for health insurance is through the ACA, which Republicans want to get rid of.

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Six Democratic senators, including Dick Durbin of Illinois, hold photos of people who received health care through the Affordable Care Act, at a Washington press conference on Oct. 12.

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This suburban woman has worked all her adult life, paid her share of income taxes and property taxes and pays into the Social Security and Medicare programs. Now I am asking that every American vote for every Democrat for president, the Senate and Congress so that I may continue to have health insurance.

I am one of millions of people in the United States who does not have employer-provided health insurance yet is too young to qualify for Medicare. My only option is insurance through the federal marketplace made available by the Affordable Care Act. I have been denied private health insurance due to the pre-existing conditions of being a woman, being over the age of 50, and having to report detail of the medical histories of my parents, grandparents and siblings on insurance applications.

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This suburban woman is not safe in Trump’s America. Republicans want to get rid of the ACA, but have offered nothing to replace it. We are experiencing a global pandemic. We can’t have millions of people, for lack of good insurance, going to hospital emergency rooms for their healthcare. Join me in voting to protect health insurance for millions of Americans.

Cyndi Duda, Palatine

White Sox manager need integrity

Reports that A. J. Hinch — who was suspended by Major League Baseball after an investigation into sign stealing by the Astros — is the frontrunner to be the White Sox’ next manager dumbfounds me. Just over a century ago, our beloved team endured the ignominy of a cheating scandal. So now, what? We are expected to swallow hard and cheer a cheater?

It’s bad enough that a team so loaded with talent as the Trash-stros lacked ethics. I know of no serious fan who believed Hinch’s attempt at an apology. More oversight indeed.

The White Sox have such chemistry, as well as terrific television and radio announcers and a loyal fan base. I say give Sandy Alomar Jr. a chance. No true Sox fan wants to sacrifice honor and integrity for a championship.

Mark Lipscomb, McKinley Park

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