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Chicago outdoors: ‘Graffiti Heron,’ Dave Genz on early ice, IN coho stocking, mushroom legality question

Bill Savage’s “Graffiti Heron on North Shore Channel,” Dave Genz on early ice, some figures on the coho stocking in Indiana tributaries and a question on the legality of mushroom picking are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors.

Bill Savage’s “Graffiti Heron on North Shore Channel.” Credit: Bill Savage
Bill Savage’s “Graffiti Heron on North Shore Channel.”
Bill Savage

Notes come from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.



Bill Savage tweeted “Graffiti Heron on North Shore Channel,” which was taken around the underpass on the North Shore Channel Trail at Lincoln.

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Another view of Bill Savages’s “Graffiti Heron on North Shore Channel.” Credit: Bill Savage
Another view of Bill Savages’s “Graffiti Heron on North Shore Channel.”
Bill Savage



Sunday, Nov. 14: Ice Fishing Swap Meet and Greet, 8 a.m. - 1 p.m., Moose Lodge, 3535 N Richmond Rd, Johnsburg


Thursday, Nov. 18: Speaker TBD, Fish Tales Fishing Club, Worth Township offices, Alsip, 7 p.m.,


Today, Nov. 13: South central zone, white-fronted geese, Canada geese and first scaup season open

Sunday, Nov. 14: First dove season ends

Friday, Nov. 19: Rail season ends

Friday, Nov. 19, to Nov. 21: First firearm deer season


Monday, Nov. 15: Opening day for Forest Preserves of Cook County 2022 picnic and special event permits (better) or (800) 870-3666, and camping reservations or (855) 937-2267, 8 a.m. start,


“Why is it illegal to pick from park districts and government owned properties? One is not destroying anything, most likely what you pick would grow back shortly as I have seen in my back yard when I mow over the mushrooms.” Vic Favia

A: Fungi serve roles in the natural world, especially breaking organic material down. I understand picking not being allowed in natural areas,, preserves and their ilk. Picking is allowed, with some boundaries, at such places as State Fish and Wildlife Areas.


80,896: Coho salmon recently stocked in Indiana’s Trail Creek (29,457, approximately 7.2 inches) and East Branch of the Little Calumet River (51,439, 6.6 inches). Take care if fishing these areas.


“You can never assume anything, especially if it’s based on what happened last year. Early ice is a continuation of late fall.”

Dave Genz, in “Early Ice is Set by Fall,” on, advising to pay more attention to the fall than the previous year’s ice fishing