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Big steelhead: Mikayla Haak earns Fish of the Week honors for a good catch in Indiana

Mikayla Haak earned Fish of the Week honors for a big steelhead caught in Indiana.

Mikayla Haak with her big steelhead. Provided photo
Mikayla Haak with her big steelhead.

Mikayla Haak caught a 14-pound, 34-inch steelhead on July 6 while fishing near Burns Ditch in Indiana.

“I used [five colors of Lead Core line] with a Stinger spoon,” the 16-year-old from Crown Point emailed.

She was fishing in a 19-foot Alumacraft with a 150hp Yamaha.

I don’t know if the steelhead caught this year are bigger than usual or if it just seems that way with a number of big fish sent my way.

Also, I am sorry to be posting this FOTW later than usual, no real good excuse, though I could make one up if you like.

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