A succession of names: When baseball and TV intersect

Don’t you love it when baseball crosses with real or pretend life? Here is a quiz that meets at that juncture.

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Oscar Gamble, who played for the White Sox (among other teams), had the greatest Afro in baseball history.

Oscar Gamble, who played for the White Sox (among other teams), had the greatest Afro in baseball history.


So now we know Tom Wambsgans, an executive in Logan Roy’s company, Waystar Royco, took out the three Roy offspring, Roman, Kendall and Shiv, in one fell swoop. Of course, I’m referring to the stunning conclusion of HBO’s ‘‘Succession.’’

It astutely was pointed out on the internet that this was not the first person with a similar surname to pull off a triple of this nature. It was Cleveland’s Bill Wambsganss who remains the only player to turn an unassisted triple play during the postseason. It came in Game 5 of the 1920 World Series, in which Cleveland beat the Brooklyn Robins in seven games.

I love when baseball intersects with real or pretend life. Here is a quiz that meets at that juncture. Have fun and learn a lot.

1. Kiefer Sutherland played this guy on ‘‘24.’’ A player with the same surname played primarily for the Yankees, mainly in the 1950s. What is the surname?

a. Lemon

b. Cerv

c. Bauer

d. Lopez

2. This famous animated character is voiced by Dan Castellaneta. His first name is a common baseball noun and verb. What is the name I’m seeking?

3. This character was part of a famous television duo. The surname was the same as arguably the greatest sports announcer in history. The last name is X. You can get this because the truth is still out there.

4. Bob is a Hall of Famer. He was a pitcher who was a really good hitter. Chet was an All-Star outfielder for the White Sox. Jim was an All-Star outfielder for the Senators, and he ended his career with the White Sox. Tina Fey won an Emmy Award for playing this character, who was often sweet and tart. Produce the surname.

5. Frank was a Royally smooth second baseman. Roy played the outfield for the Yankees. Bill was an All-Star first baseman, an outstanding announcer and the president of the National League. On the other hand, Bryan Cranston played Malcolm’s father on one show and then was famously not a great guy (I don’t mean to color your perception) on one of television’s finest series. What’s the surname I’m looking for? (I gave you clues, don’t regift them).

6. On ‘‘NCIS,’’ Brian Dietzen plays the medical examiner who succeeded Ducky Millard. He prefers to use a familiar nickname because he was named after one of the most famous Hall of Fame pitchers for the Baltimore Orioles and the character does not like baseball. Who am I referring to?

7. This time we are looking for the first name of the Lavagetto who broke up Bill Bevens’ World Series no-hit attempt with two outs in the ninth inning in the 1947 Fall Classic. It was also the first name of Taraji P. Henson’s matriarch on ‘‘Empire.’’ Need clues? Think of former Cubs coach Rojas, a five-time All-Star. If that doesn’t work, ask Alyssa Milano.

8. First names here. One was famous for having the greatest Afro in baseball history and the other was the sloppiest sportswriter around. Neither won the Academy Award. Who am I referring to?

9. Our walk-off question: Sometimes a surname also can be a first name. Take the case of a renowned character played by William Shatner and a guy who hit a ball that took off like a lift-off on the U.S.S. Enterprise. What’s the name and individuals I’m referring to?


1.We are talking about Jack Bauer, a somewhat unhinged federal agent, and the Yankees’ Hank Bauer, who played in nine World Series and was a winner seven times.

2.Born in Chicago and raised in nearby Oak Park, Dan Castellaneta is one of the stars of ‘‘The Simpsons,’’ voicing Homer Simpson. Homer Bush and Homer Bailey are two of the many who homered a homer in baseball.

3.We are speaking ‘‘X-Files’’ here, and the wonderful Gillian Anderson played Dana Scully, presumably no relation to Vin Scully, the ultimate play-by-play announcer.

4. This answer is found in the produce section: We are talking Lemons here. Tina Fey played the great Liz Lemon on ‘‘30 Rock.’’

5.Bryan Cranston played Walter White on ‘‘Breaking Bad.’’ He was also the dad on ‘‘Malcolm in the Middle’’ and Jerry’s and Elaine’s dentist, Dr. Tim Whatley (famous for regifting), on ‘‘Seinfeld.’’

6. James Palmer does not like to be called Jim Palmer, the HOF pitcher, so he is called Jimmy Palmer on the long-running show.

7.Cookie Lavagetto, Cookie Rojas and Henson’s character Cookie Lyon, who said: ‘‘The name’s Cookie. Ask about me.’’ Alyssa Milano can talk with you while you enjoy some Pepperidge Farm cookies of the same name.

8.I loved Oscar Gamble, who starred for the White Sox, among other clubs. And you have to know that Jack Klugman’s Oscar Madison on ‘‘The Odd Couple’’ was also one of my faves.

9. Shatner played Capt. James T. Kirk on ‘‘Star Trek,’’ and Kirk Gibson hit one of the most famous home runs of all time off Dennis Eckersley in the ninth inning of Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

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