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From ‘Star Wars’ spoofs to cowboy suits: Bob Rohrman’s best local TV commercials

When it comes to car dealer ads, there’s only one Bob Rohrman.

Bob Rohrman’s auto group made hundreds of commercials during his career.
Screenshot from Bob Rohrman YouTube Page

Anyone who grew up watching television in the Chicago area over the last 30 years likely became well acquainted with Bob Rohrman. The lushly mustachioed car dealer, who died Tuesday night at age 87, became well-known locally for the wacky commercials that touted his auto group as it grew into one of the largest in the country.

Whether it was spoofing “Star Wars,” dressing up as a vampire for Halloween sales or donning a full cowboy outfit to try to sell you a Mitsubishi, Rohrman could be relied on to fill usually boring commercial time with his Midwestern flair.

As the longtime lion mascot of his dealerships says, “When it comes to automobiles, there’s only one Bob ROOOOOHR–man!”

In honor of the one and only, here’s a look back at some of Bob Rohrman Auto Group’s funniest and goofiest commercials.

“Rohrie the Lion”

“Car Wars” (2018)

“Count Bobula” (2010-13)

Bob Rohrman Ross (2010)

“Get Rohrman-ized!” (1989)

“Santa Bob” (2013)

CarZilla (2014)