Ask the Doctors

For a broken bone to heal properly, it must be appropriately aligned. This can require the doctor to reposition the broken ends of the bone.
Studies have linked added sugar in the diet to an increased risk of chronic, low-grade inflammation.
Research shows the vitamin also has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps fight infection and can reduce cancer cell growth in some situations.
The pet owners in a recent study tended to have lower body-fat percentages, better blood pressure and a lower incidence of diabetes than those without pets.
IBS is seen in women more often than in men, and it typically arises in people under 50.
For some with the condition, sounds activate the brain’s vision centers. For others, colors can have flavor, flavors can evoke a shape, reading can elicit aromas.
Symptoms include stiffness, swelling and tenderness or pain in the joints, often on both sides of the body.
This is being explored in conjunction with what’s known as regional anesthesia, in which the surgical patients is sedated but remains conscious.
Creatine is a naturally occurring compound that our bodies use to help power the skeletal muscles.
Unlike traditional treatments, which can only ease the effects of the disease, CAR T-cell therapy hints at a path to remission, though that’s based on a very small study.
Perhaps no other exercise will help build muscle mass as effectively as weight-training. Working with weights will also help maintain and strengthen your muscles.
The most common cause is an overabundance of cholesterol, with a corresponding deficit of bile salts.
Though it’s often referred to simply as acid reflux, GERD is more severe.
Ultra-processed foods are formulated with a blend of sweet, salty and fatty flavors that keep us reaching for more and also prevent us from feeling completely satisfied.
Researchers were surprised to find a statistically significant connection between having a dog in early childhood and a decrease in the risk of developing schizophrenia.
More than 90% of new COVID9 cases nationwide are being caused by infection with the omicron variant. So it’s a relief that there’s a tool to fight that.
Thoroughly washing produce before preparing and serving food is a good routine to get used to. You should also always cook meats to their recommended internal temperature.
It suggested the carbon dioxide that gives fizzy water its effervescence has an effect on body chemistry that can lead to overeating.
With multiple data points, a continuous glucose monitor offers a more complete picture of how your body manages blood sugar but hasn’t replaced finger sticks.
Research has linked sleep and our endocrine system, and the connection plays out with two hunger hormones in particular: ghrelin and leptin.
Research has found that tiny sugar molecules in saliva, known as glycans, play an important role in keeping a fungus present in the mouth from becoming a health problem.
They’re found in plant-based foods like walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, soybeans, avocados and olives, in vegetable oils like olive oil and in fatty fish.
A colonoscopy can identify precancerous polyps, which can be removed. And colorectal cancers found early are highly treatable.
Every year, 36 million adults over 65 suffer a fall in the United States, with more than three million ending up in an emergency room, over 800,000 needing hospitalization and 32,000 dying.