Things to Do At Home

Whether it’s watching a great movie, experimenting in the kitchen or starting a garden, we’re rounding up the best ways to pass the time during Illinois’ stay-at-home order.

Gardening pros say warm winters have led to early spring blooms in the Chicago area. Delicate flowers should be kept warm if temps linger below 20 degrees.
Reading more. Weekly family Zooms. More walks. Learning Spanish. But maybe the most amazing answer was from a woman who improved her diet and lost 92 pounds.
Decluttering. Rearranging. Doing cleanup in small, manageable steps. Putting in more shelves. Donating things from home they don’t really need. That’s some of what we heard.
As the nation went to war with COVID-19, I set out to find a place for veggies in the flower beds.
If you want to nurture something under your roof that you can eat, you just have to think about greens.
This year’s festival will run for a week and include two nights of live-streamed music.
SkyART bills itself as the only free art program of its kind in Chicago, normally reaching some 3,600 youths ages 3 to 24, with programs in its facilities as well as at several dozen schools and community organizations.
There’s a whole lot of local entertainment options to enjoy online in the week ahead.
If you’re finding your FaceTime conversations waning or have been avoiding picking up because you don’t know what to talk about, don’t fret, young grasshoppers.
Summer camps provide critical development opportunities for kids, different than school, with different end goals.
The coronavirus pandemic forced the cancelation of three of Chicago’s most popular summer music festivals, but the music lives on in a new virtual performance series.
Like many of us now, the characters in ‘Rear Window,’ ‘The Breakfast Club,’ ‘Panic Room’ and these other great films seldom stray from one location
Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani display expert timing as the unhappy couple caught up a deadly criminal case.
There’s a whole lot of local entertainment options to enjoy online in the week ahead.
Actors, musicians and comedians idled by social distancing will provide songs, sketches and short films about the children and charities that will be aided by donations.
“Game 6: The Movie” isn’t merely a rebroadcast of the 1998 Bulls-Jazz NBA Finals clincher. It’s a bit of a hybrid, as we see every minute of the game in real time, and we hear the calls of play-by-play man Bob Costas and analysts Doug Collins and Isiah Thomas as they were heard that day.
The doughnut maker is also offering a themed “Class of 2020” box available for purchase the week of May 18 through May 24.
‘Labor of Love’ star Kristy Katzmann, a former contestant on ‘The Bachelor,’ is prepared to go toward motherhood with or without a husband.
For the adventurous or the die-hard home cook, what better time to take a deep dive into a an old family recipe?