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Jaworski: Jay Cutler leads the league in dropped interceptions

Jay Cutler’s 10 interceptions are the second-most in the NFL and tied for the most in the NFC.

Maybe this would once have been considered newsworthy, but Bears fans know Cutler well enough now that a large number of interceptions is par for the course.

ESPN’s Ron Jaworski said Wednesday that Cutler is actually lucky his interception total isn’t a lot worse. Cutler, he reported on ESPN’s Mike & Mike, also leads the league in dropped interceptions.

“I chart all these other things, too,” Jaworski said. “Dropped interceptions. Who has the most dropped interceptions? Jay Cutler. He has eight interceptions, but has also has that and more that have been dropped.”

Jaworski was a bit off on Cutler’s interception total, but the fact that he has at least eight dropped interceptions this year means he could have been at or just shy of 20 picks through nine games.

Jaworski didn’t heap all the blame on Cutler, though. He pointed to the offensive line is the biggest problem.

“I think No. 1 is it starts with the offensive line,” Jaworski said. “That’s been the biggest issue all season long in Chicago. There isn’t a quarterback in this league that can complete a high percentage of passes when he’s moving in the pocket, avoiding pressure, throwing off that back foot, falling backwards after throws, taking hits. It’s hard to be consistent.”

Listen to the full Mike & Mike interview with Jaworski here.