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10 question marks for Bears' game vs. Vikings

Marc Trestman might have coached his final Bears practice Friday.

There was little to be sentimental about Friday, the last day of Bears practice.

“We wanted to put our energy and enthusiasm into it,” coach Marc Trestman said. “We wanted to have some fun out here today, which we did. Got some work done along the way. We did everything we could.”

Trestman acknowledged that wasn’t enough during the 5-10 season. And we’ll know Monday whether it was enough to prevent Friday’s practice from being his last.

“When you’re 5-10, things are going to swirl,” Trestman said. “There’s going to be a lot of noise out there.

“I’ve tended to focus on my purpose, which is to do the best I can to get the team ready to play.”

While we wonder if that’s good enough, here are 10 question marks before Sunday’s finale in Minneapolis.

1. Does the Roberto Garza contract extension matter?

Assuming general managers Phil Emery negotiated it, yes. Teams typically don’t let GMs make moves if they plan to fire him three days later. Then again, Garza’s one-year deal — worth up to $1.5 million — is hardly prohibitive.

2. Is Jay Cutler’s showing Sunday relevant?

A star turn couldn’t hurt. Staying healthy definitely certainly wouldn’t. But any team interested in the Bears’ quarterback otherwise won’t put too much stock in a final, meaningless game.

3. How is Black Monday — or the threat of it — like training camp?

“You chop it (the roster) down, chop it down,” Cutler said. “You wonder where those guys go, what happens to them. Some of them never play football game.

“The situation after the year, it’s gonna be similar. Coaches could leave. Players could leave. I could leave. That’s part of it.”

4. The Bears finishing last doesn’t happen often, right?

If they lose Sunday, the Bears will finish fourth in the four-team NFC North. Since the division was created in 2002, the Bears have finished last twice — in Lovie Smith’s first (5-11 in 2004) and fourth seasons (7-9 in 2007). In between the two, he finished first twice.

5. Who’s coming to see Trestman?

He’s coaching in his hometown and on campus of his alma mater, Minnesota. But he’s not sure how many friends and family will be there.

“I’m not in the ticket business,” he said. “My wife takes care of the ticket business in the family, so I have no clue. I don’t know who comes to any games home or away. Nope. I don’t really every find out until after the game what’s actually transpired.”

6. Did the Vikings draft the best quarterback this year?

Thus far, yes. The last four weeks, Teddy Bridgewater has posted quarterback ratings of 120.7, 117.7, 114.1 and 84.9.

“I think Bridgewater’s doing a better job of taking care of the football,” Trestman said. “He seems to be growing.”

7. Marquess Wilson: Week 17 star?

If Vikings cornerback Xavier Rhodes follows Alshon Jeffery across the field, maybe.

“We really like that matchup with him,” Cutler said. “He’s still a big guy, a little bit shiftier, which isn’t a bad thing at all.”

8. Miss Devin Hester yet?

The Falcons’ returner was selected to his fourth Pro Bowl this week after tying with Darren Sproles for the league lead with 13.3 yards per punt return.

9. Who’s got something to play for Sunday?

David Bass, for one. The second-year defensive end was promoted from the practice squad when Lamarr Houston got hurt, and should start for Willie Young on Sunday.

10. This has to be less fun than winning, right? Right?

“There’s a lot of disappointment when you’re doing really well and you have a play that brings you down,” offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer said. “One play in a game. And those things can bring just as much disappointment as an extended period like we’ve had this year.

“So I don’t know if it’s any more or less.”


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