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William Perry in hospital to treat diabetes

Former Bears defensive tackle William Perry waves to fans at the Lions-Bears game Sunday at Soldier Field. | Nam Y. Huh

Former Bears defensive tackle William ‘‘Refrigerator’’ Perry told the Sun-Times that he checked into Northwestern Memorial Hospital to receive treatment for diabetes. He was at the Bears’ season finale Sunday before checking in.

Perry, 53, who couldn’t make a scheduled appearance Monday, has been battling health issues since a near-fatal onset of Guillain-Barre syndrome in 2008. At more than 425 pounds, he has struggled to take care of himself. He’s in danger of having a leg amputated.

‘‘I can’t feel my feet, from here on down,’’ he said at the Bears game, gesturing from about the middle of his shin from his wheelchair. ‘‘My hands, either.

‘‘I’m fighting back. Get stronger. Keep living.’’