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Antti Raanta wanted Blackhawks to lose in playoffs

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When backup goalie Antti Raanta was demoted behind Scott Darling last season, his displeasure with the Blackhawks was so great, he actually rooted against them in the playoffs, according to a report in Satakunnan Kansa, a Finnish paper.

From [translated]:

“I had fingers crossed hoping that Nashville defeated [us] in four straight [games], so I could get quickly back to Finland,” he said.

Raanta also said during a period the Blackhawks had “poor team spirit” and coach Joel Quenneville did not like him.

“I noticed that I displeased the coach,” he said. “Then it is pretty hard to fight against windmills.”

The Blackhawks were able to overcome the disgruntled goalie’s wishes, and went on to win the Stanley Cup, which includes Raanta’s name.

Raanta played 14 games for the Blackhawks last season, but none in the postseason. He was traded to the Rangers in June.