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Marcus Kruger will miss the first preseason game due to Visa issue

It’s been a long time since a team has repeated as Stanley Cup champions, but the Blackhawks will give it a shot this year starting with their first preseason game Tuesday against Detroit.

However, there will be at least one regular player that will miss the game. No, Marcus Kruger doesn’t have an injury and he’s not suspended. He’s not allowed into the country yet.

Kruger, who was a restricted free agent over the offseason, wasn’t able to re-sign with the Blackhawks until they were able to clear cap space. He was officially signed on Sept. 11.

It wasn’t until after the contract was signed that the Swedish born player was allowed to start the visa process.

The forward is expected back early next week, that means he could miss as many as four of the six preseason games. The Blackhawks signed Kruger to a one-year $1.5 million contract.