Our Pledge To You


Will your Valentine’s Day gift measure up?

Are you an above-average gifter?

If you haven’t shopped yet, click on the map below to see what it’ll cost you to be average. If you’re done shopping but are worried you skimped, maybe you shouldn’t show this to your Valentine.

Where you live seems to have a lot to do with how much you spend.

People who live in Kansas, Nevada, Idaho, Hawaii or North Dakota spend more than $100 on their partners. Then there’s New Hampshire, where the average is $31, says a Finder.com survey of 3,121 people nationwide.

Here in Illinois, we’re in the middle at $55.

How long you’ve been together is a factor too. The honeymoon seems to last about five years. We spend $79 in each of those early years. After two decades, the typical outlay falls to $49.

Of course, more than a third of us won’t get a Valentine’s gift this year.

Valentine's gift giving