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Katie Lou Samuelson’s mom calls out Sky coach James Wade on Twitter

Tweets center on first-round pick’s limited playing time this season.

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Katie Lou Samuelson’s mother called out Sky general manager/coach James Wade on Twitter.

In a recent Sun-Times article, Wade said he drafted Katie Lou Samuelson as a “long-term solution” for when guard Allie Quigley eventually retires. But Samuelson’s mother, Karen, wrote that’s “bull----” on Twitter on Friday.

And she didn’t stop there.

“You know what else is funny that he has never once communicated that to her but he gives that BS to you,” Karen tweeted in response to the Sun-Times article about Samuelson.

In another tweet, Karen — whose daughters call her “Mother Jones” — wrote, “If only he would cut her like Chloe [Jackson], she would be better off.”

With the postseason on the horizon — the Sky (20-13) secured a home playoff game Friday after beating the second-seeded Sun — Wade said Karen’s tweets aren’t a distraction and has addressed them with Samuelson, who didn’t return messages seeking comment.

Wade realizes Karen is showing unconditional love for her daughter, but he says he doesn’t care what people think of him and his decisions.

“I don’t have a contract with her mother, I have a contract with her,” Wade said.

Wade also said that he has a “great relationship” with Samuelson and that he has communicated his plan for her to eventually replace Quigley. But Samuelson said in a recent interview that Wade has put her in several spots this season, and replacing Quigley is only “one aspect” of what could happen.

“I’m preparing to, hopefully, contribute in more ways, especially while Allie is still here,” she said.

Samuelson’s playing time has been a contentious topic all season. She’s averaging the fewest minutes among active rookies who were first-round picks. Samuelson’s development also was briefly derailed because of a wrist injury that sidelined her during a time when the Sky already were down a forward, with Astou Ndour playing in the EuroBasket tournament.

“It’s a process, and I think one thing that hurt that process is her getting injured,” Wade said.

Compounding matters, while Samuelson has spent most of the season on the bench, Arike Ogunbowale and Napheesa Collier — the fifth and sixth overall picks, respectively — have become top candidates for the WNBA rookie of the year award.

Samuelson is looking forward to earning more consistent minutes this offseason in northern France.

“Every person who comes out of college, you need to get accustomed to playing at the pace and speed of the WNBA,” she said. “Hopefully, with overseas, I can get back into a rhythm and get back into playing how I know I can play and how I want to play.”