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The Must List for Wednesday, May 7, 2014

ACLU raises red flag over traffic cameras

Chicago’s switch to a new red-light camera vendor that uses radar technology will allow hundreds of cameras installed at busy intersections to pan in all directions — worrying civil libertarians who fear an invasion of privacy.

Going to pot: Will Illinois join Colorado and Washington?

Chicago-area Democrats stirred the pot last week, arguing it’s high time for Illinois to legalize personal adult use of marijuana.

Traders would be ‘heroes’ if new tax saves pensions: CTU chief

A tax that financial traders in Chicago would pay on each transaction could solve the pension crisis, generate revenue and “make heroes” out of the wealthy men and women who work on LaSalle Street, Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis told the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board on Tuesday.

Gov slams Brown, spouse for ‘troublesome’ role in grant deal

Cook County Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown’s partnership with her husband to tap into Neighborhood Recovery Initiative grants is “troublesome,” and her spouse’s dual role as an overseer and provider of anti-violence programming represents a “clear conflict,” Gov. Pat Quinn said.

Chicago pushcart vendors make renewed push to become legal

Pushcart food vendors who are as much a part of warm-weather Chicago as sidewalk cafes are making a renewed push for the city to sanction their activities and stop turning hard-working immigrants into criminals.


Charlie Crist Says He Became A Democrat Because Of GOP Racism (Talking Points Memo)

Monica Lewinsky opens up, blames Drudge for ‘global humiliation’ (Early & Often)

How Websites Today Would Report The Monica Lewinsky Scandal (Buzzfeed)

Dem Congressman: ‘Republicans Don’t Like Immigrants’ (Daily Caller)

Fed report: Global warming disrupting Americans’ lives (Early & Often)

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