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Bruce Jenner undecided on new name, future home

While there is sure to be a LOT of stories in the celebrity press about Bruce Jenner and his upcoming gender transition, a source close to both Jenner and his Kardashian family insisted Wednesday that the former Olympic champion is still undecided about a lot of issues facing him now.

“Be assured that 99 percent of the speculation out there is just that — speculation,” said the source Wednesday morning. “Bruce has yet to decide a lot of things, including the new first name he’ll choose, the look he’ll adopt as a woman and even where he ultimately will spend most of his time.

“Of course, Bruce will continue to maintain a L.A. home, but he’s also thinking of spending a lot of time somewhere else — out of the world of the paparazzi and crazy media attention. … Oregon could be in the mix of possible locations,” said the Jenner pal.

The source laughed about the speculation Jenner would choose Heather as a new first name. “He hates that name.”

As for the Diane von Furstenberg Instagram posting of an old publicity shot of herself with Jenner’s face Photoshopped onto it, the source said, “Bruce was very amused by it, plus he was touched by Diane’s comments of support that accompanied the photo. … They are longtime friends.”

Von Furstenberg has pulled that photo from social media, after she was criticized for using it — even though she expressed support for Jenner’s decision.

According to People magazine, Jenner is expected to fully reveal himself as a woman sometime this summer — clearly long before he undergoes gender transition surgery.