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Miley Cyrus and her Kennedy heir beau still dating, but …

Are Miley Cyrus and Kennedy heir Patrick Schwarzenegger still dating? Yes, according to a couple of sources close to both Cyrus and the son of former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife, Maria Shriver.

However, as my Kennedy family insider told me Tuesday, “Don’t forget we’re dealing with a couple of young, rich, independent individuals here. … Patrick still has a lot of wild oats to sow. Miley Cyrus is a big superstar celebrity. Let’s just see where this is a year or so down the road, if they’re still together.”

That sentiment was echoed by another source Tuesday who added, “These are two attractive kids who clearly are very much into each other, but I think it’s too soon to make a big deal out of it. … Maria and Arnold like Miley. They have had some nice dinners and lunches with both Miley and Patrick. But I know they are not exactly worried their son is about to pop the question.”

The celebrity press has had a feeding frenzy over this budding relationship in recent weeks — especially after Schwarzenegger was seen flirting and doing shots with another girl in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

That seems to have been overlooked by Cyrus, who spent a very romantic Monday evening with Schwarzenegger at a sushi restaurant in Los Angeles.

As we often say: Stay tuned…