A Sun-Times investigation that led to the appointment of a special prosecutor and eventual jail time for the nephew of former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko in the death of David Koschman.

Sam Cirone was reprimanded for his role in the investigation which initially cleared then-Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew in David Koschman’s 2004 death. A Sun-Times investigation changed that.
Judge Michael Toomin presides over the juvenile justice division and is running for retention in November. Judge James Shapiro hears family law cases.
What’s going here? Did Webb deceive the public? Is Michael Daley not a member of the Daley family?
New information has surfaced showing that the Daley family was on to the police investigation of one of its own early on — right before it ground to a halt. It’s now time to release everything else under lock and key.
Will special prosecutor Dan Webb be any more forthcoming with information in the Jussie Smollett investigation?
Special prosecutor Dan Webb left Bridget Higgins McCarthy’s calls to Michael Daley out of his report — but did cite her calls to the Daley nephew who killed Koschman.
Sgt. Sam Cirone, the last of 6 officers to face discipline for the investigation into Koschman’s death at the hands of Daley nephew Richard Vanecko, faced a one-year suspension.
Whatever former Mayor Richard M. Daley and his family told a special prosecutor during the investigation that sent Daley nephew Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko to jail for killing David Koschman will remain secret, the Illinois Supreme Court rules, rejecting arguments by the BGA for release.
The state’s high court heard oral arguments Tuesday from Matthew Topic, an attorney for the Better Government Association.
Ruling says paper violated law in publishing birth months/years, heights, weights, hair/eye colors of cops who were “fillers” in R.J. Vanecko lineup.
Last Chicago cop facing discipline in David Koschman case loses appeal to block the Chicago Police Board from acting on recommended year’s suspension.
THE WATCHDOGS: FBI files, other records obtained by the Sun-Times call into question Chicago Police Department finding that sergeant killed himself.
The statement Daley crafted four years ago came as he and other Daley family members were being interviewed by lawyers working under attorney Dan Webb
The storm brought five straight days of rain, totaling close to 52 inches, the heaviest tropical downpour ever recorded in the continental U.S.
THE WATCHDOGS: It’s one more irregularity in a case the FBI has been investigating for months.
The last cop facing discipline in David Koschman case has been paid more than $37,000 for overtime while on desk duty as he fights year’s suspension.
An apparent loophole in union contract Emanuel administration signed could mean arbitrator, not Chicago Police Board, decides Koschman cop’s fate.
<p dir="ltr">For nearly two months, Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration has been sitting on a report urging punishment — including firing — of
A Chicago cop facing suspension over the David Koschman case says City Hall waited too long to punish him, so his suspension should be dropped.
Former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko has completed his involuntary-manslaughter sentence for throwing a punch that
<p>Three Chicago Sun-Times reporters have received the George Polk Award for stories that led to the conviction of a nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley.</p>
<p>The city of Chicago is set to pay Nanci Koschman $250,000 to settle the lawsuit she filed accusing City Hall and the Chicago Police Department of
<p>The Chicago City Council agreed Wednesday to pay Nanci Koschman $250,000 to settle the wrongful-death lawsuit she filed accusing City Hall and the