ShotSpotter saves lives

Sometimes people don’t bother to call 911 after hearing shots. ShotSpotter can lead cops and paramedics directly to victims.

Close-up of ShotSpotter technology, a microphone hanging from a pole with a square black box attached

A close-up of ShotSpotter technology in Chicago.

Pat Nabong/Sun-Times

It has been stated in the Chicago Sun-Times that our newly elected alderperson in the 26th Ward, Jessie Fuentes, agrees with Mayor Brandon Johnson and wants to do away with Shotspotter because it has not reduced the violence in the city.

I agree — I don’t think the Shotspotter will reduce the violence our city is plagued with. But I ask: Is that the primary purpose of Shotspotter? I don’t think it is. I think Shotspotter has a greater purpose. It can save lives.

When shots are heard, a large percentage of the time no one calls 911. By having Shotspotter in our wards, it gives first responders more time to arrive at the scene and possibly save someone’s life.

I hope we don’t lose those precious minutes needed to save someone’s life.

Dan Goodwin, Humbolt Park

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Candidates shouldn’t dodge primary election

Leave aside for a moment the merits of the law eliminating the practice of allowing party leaders to choose candidates for the legislature in districts where no one from their party ran in the primary. (“Judge halts election law that blocked Republican candidates from appearing on the ballot in November” — May 24).

If the four GOP candidates who, along with the Liberty Justice Center, sued to prevent the law from going into effect were so ardent in their desire to serve their prospective constituents, why couldn’t they be bothered to run in the GOP primary, and an uncontested primary no less? Yes, it’s cheaper and easier to get the nod from the party bigwigs, but wouldn’t expending the minimal effort and cash required to win an uncontested primary indicate to the voters that one is at least somewhat eager to represent them in Springfield?

Mark M. Quinn, Naperville

It’s Trump, or the rule of law

As Republican lawmakers attack the justice system, while ignoring the prosecutions of Hunter Biden, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, and Democratic U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas, to continue to back Donald Trump requires you to throw out any principle you previously held, including supporting law and order. If Trump is reelected, his top priority will be to destroy the American legal system to punish it for daring to hold him accountable, and Republicans will follow right behind him. America can have a second Trump term, or it can retain the rule of law, but it can’t have both.

Ken Weiss, Palatine

Biden should pardon Hunter

As I see the conviction of Hunter Biden, I cannot believe his father said he would not pardon him. Although I do not agree with things that President Joe Biden does, I would have no problem with him giving a pardon to his son. Yes, his son. It’s called a father helping his son. Since when is that wrong?

Joseph Battaglia, Clearing

Caitlin Clark gets rookie treatment. So what?

Regarding Gene Lyons’ “mean girl” column, Gene is proliferating the race issue with his own observations. Rookies, especially those with high college accomplishments, will always go through an “initiation period” carried out by the “old” pros. It shouldn’t be any different for Caitlin Clark.

Clark will earn the respect of the others when she survives the initiation. I am sure she expected to be a lightning rod due to her college accomplishments.

Gene is only adding to the unnecessary noise.

Warren Rodgers Jr., Orland Park

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