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Manny Ramirez would be completely OK with trade to Iraq

As this picture shows, Manny Ramirez has no problem hitting overseas.

(AP photo)

It’s been a bizarre season for Manny Ramirez — even by the eccentric left fielder’s standards. He’s high-fived a fan while an opposing base-runner tagged up from second, gotten into a little dugout donnybrook

with Kevin Youklis and made a phone call from inside the Green Monster during a pitching change. Now comes word that the slugger wouldn’t be opposed to playing elsewhere, even if it’s in Iraq.

I’ve often criticized Ramirez because it seems that he disrespects the

game, but as time goes on the dreadlocked future Hall-of-Famer has

grown on me. All of his goofy antics make it easy to forget that this

guy has an amazing work ethic, has helped the Red Sox win two World Series and racked up some downright gaudy numbers. Where he’ll add to these totals next season will certainly be a huge

story this winter, but methinks it won’t be in Beantown. Probably won’t

be Iraq either. Although long-term contracts for big money are popular over there.