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So who goes?

With team captain Paul Konerko ready to leave for Charlotte Friday afternoon to begin his rehab assignment, his projected return date is now finally set for Tuesday in Kansas City, barring any setbacks.

What that means for the Sox is Nick Swisher now has to move back to center, and a roster move is coming.

Yes, there were scouts in attendance to watch Juan Uribe get the start at shortstop in the 3-2 loss to the Oakland Athletics, but if the Sox are unable to make a move with Uribe before then, expect Wise or Brian Anderson to be sent packing to Charlotte.

I mean I know they have been playing well here they can win this whole weekend and then I play on Tuesday and we lose, everyone is going to be, Oh, its because Konerko, Konerko said Thursday. But that question is almost not for me. Its like listen, Im on the team, I got hurt, I worked to get back and if Im back, hopefully they want me. Thats the question for [manager] Ozzie [Guillen]. What am I supposed to say? I mean I hope they want me back.

Guillen does.

P.K. has been here long enough, Guillen said. He should know what hes doing.

What wont be easy for the Sox is who to send out? The bottom line is someones feelings are about to be hurt knowing that the record put up in Konerkos absence was a team effort by all 25 guys.

Its going to be hard, Guillen said. Were going to make a couple moves. I think right now we think about what decision were going to make when hes coming back. We dont have any decision yet. When that day comes, we should be prepared. But what decision were going to make, my center fielder obviously has got to be Swisher.

Every time you make a decision when youre going to lose a player when youre playing well, its not easy. The decision, right or wrong, we got to make one.

The million-dollar question, who would you send out?



Uribe, even if you cant trade him?