Big Wii thoughts: ``The Strike’’

SHARE Big Wii thoughts: ``The Strike’’
SHARE Big Wii thoughts: ``The Strike’’

I figured Sunday’s outdoors column in the Sun-Times considering the place of Bass Pro Shops: The Strike in the world of outdoors would draw some opposing thoughts.

I wasn’t wrong.

Frank Mason, a retiree now in Round Lake Beach and one of my favorite e-mailers, sent this under the heading “Nunchuk? Fishing rod controller? Social arcade games?”:

You lost me at the first Wii. Our nighthawks are flying now. They come from the southeast to the northwest. Somebody, maybe you, told me where they come from & go, but I don’t remember.Must have been over 100 came over yesterday evening.

He makes his point well.

Another regular e-mailer said he much prefered the actual outdoors and that Wii stuff isn’t related to outdoors.

My short response to him is where I am at on this:

I am torn. My heart is with you, but head sees four kids and how they respond. Thanks for the note.

As a dad and an outdoors guy, that’s the bottom line I can’t escape or evade.


That’s my daughter Sara, who caught that fish in The Strike, from her “hot spot” while jigging with a realistic style she somehow figured out worked. All on her own.

That works for me.

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