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Compete for a chance to cook with Stephanie Izard

Former “Top Chef” champion Stephanie Izard has done a great job building buzz for her eventual new Chicago restaurant, The Drunken Goat, with tons of appearances and promotions. Her Wandering Goat series of exclusive dinners has been particularly successful, with tickets being snapped up in no time at all, even when she’s hidden the tickets. The next dinner will have a special twist: one lucky person will get to cook alongside Izard and her team.

Stephanie will be judging the latest installment of Red Eye’s Virtual Kitchen Stadium, in which would-be chefs get 24 hours to cook up a dish featuring three secret ingredients, then submit the recipe and a photo of the dish to be voted on (there will be no tasting). The contest will have three rounds, beginning this Sunday, with each week having a separate winner. Stephanie will then choose one person from those three for the coveted spot.