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Charles Barkley takes to white face to teach Sammy Sosa a lesson

Writing a post about something absurd or off-the-wall or inappropriate that Charles Barkley says is almost the blog equivalent of breathing air: It takes almost no effort or thought and happens almost every second of every day.

Case in point: Sir Charles decided to goof on Sammy Sosa’s recent skin rejuvenation project that has him looking like something out of the “Thriller” video. So, during the TNT NBA show Thursday night, Barkley, who proclaimed, “I know you want to get in the Hall of Fame, but going white ain’t the way to do it!,” eventually took to transforming himself into a white man – a process slowed significantly by the continued flapping of his jaw while the makeup person efforted away.

No, on the grand scale, this isn’t up there with any Northwestern blackface screwup. But has the Round Mound of Rebound stepped over the line? Nevermind the discussion of whether he’ll be able to eat fried chicken and chitluns after he’s white. Or is this just another case of Charles being Charles?

Oh, and Chuck, the cops didn’t pull you over for driving while black. They pulled you over because you were hammered while looking for some oral pleasure. Just sayin’.