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Pontiac Silverdome not worth what it once was

The Pontiac Silverdome, site of countless amazing runs by Lions great Barry Sanders and MHSAA football championship games, has depreciated in value.

A lot.

An unidentified Toronto-based group submitted the winning bid for the property with a paltry offer of $583,000. It’s pretty minuscule when you consider that the Silverdome cost $55.7 million to build.

We’re talking about an 80,300-seat stadium that hosted Super Bowl XVI. We’re talking about a place that saw 93,000 rabid fans file in for Wrestlemania in 1987 — the largest indoor sporting event in American history.

How do you put a price tag on those memories?

Apparently, very easily.

The auctioneer says the winning group plans to refurbish the old girl and make it into a haven for professional soccer.

But, a black-owned development group has filed an injunction to stop the sale, citing discrimination and breach of contract.

They say their group were in negotiations until the end, when they suddenly broke off. Their plan was to convert the property into a racetrack.

Pontiac officials say it may take as long as 45 days for the deal to be finalized.