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An O-C maybe worth considering

Came across a link to a story that made me think this guy should be someone the Chicago Bears should consider as offensive coordinator.

And Craig Johnson’s credentials are hard to ignore.

You could argue — quite strongly, in fact — that he saved Vince Young’s career and salvaged the Tennessee Titans decision to select the former Texas quarterback third overall in the 2006 NFL Draft.

Young was teetering toward the “bust” label, when the Titans decided to start Kerry Collins ahead of him. But Young, after Collins got the team off to an 0-6 start, finished 8-2 and nearly got the Titans into the playoffs.

Titans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger certainly deserves credit. But not as much as Johnson, the Titans quarterbacks coach.

“Coach Johnson was in my corner a whole lot, just motivating me and keeping me focused a lot and keeping me informed of what was going on,” Young told the Nashville City Paper for a story published on Dec. 6.

Johnson, who also worked with the late Steve McNair, focused on encouraging Young and helping boost the young quarterback’s confidence.

“I tried to be there and give him confidence and let him know that I had a lot of confidence in him at the time, and that when he came back, he would get things done,” Johnson told the City Paper.

Young, at times, looked like a total disaster. So if Johnson could help turn him around, I think that gives him quite a bit of credibility.