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Floyd Mayweather beats Shane Mosley easily; Is Pacquiao next?

Boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. ran his career record to 41-0 with an unanimous decision over Shane Mosley last night in Las Vegas.

After the second round — in which he came perilously close to what would have been a stunning defeat — he won every minute of every round, making it an easy decision for the judges.

How lopsided was it?

Ringside punch statistics were as one-sided as the scorecards. They

showed Mayweather landing 208 of 477 punches to 92 of 452 for Mosley.

The victory sets the stage yet again for a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, which was close to happening before it fell apart over disagreement about drug testing. After winning, Mayweather reiterated his desire for this mega match to happen, provided Pacquiao submit to drug testing the day of the fight.

Mayweather won a promised $22.5 million for his efforts and will probably take home much, much more once the revenue from the pay-per-view audience is taken in to account.