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Obama, Biden interview Diane Wood, Chicago judge up for Supreme Court

WASHINGTON–Diane Wood, the Chicago federal appeals court judge, was interviewed by President Obama on Tuesday about replacing retiring Justice John Stevens on the Supreme Court, a source told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Wood had a second interview with Vice President Biden about the upcoming vacancy. Stevens, a Chicago native, was in Chicago on Monday to speak at a 7th circuit lawyers and judges conference where another person in the running to replace Stevens–Solicitor General Elena Kagan–was also on the program.

This is second time Wood has trekked to the White House for high court interviews; last year she was in the running for the appointment that went to Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Wood and Obama know each other from the days when he taught law at the University of Chicago.

So far four prospects have been to the White House for interviews: Wood, Kagan, a former U. of Chicago Law School professor; federal appeals judge Merrick Garland, raised in Lincolnwood and Sidney Thomas, a federal appeals judge from Montana.