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Why Hendrix didn't play against Navy

Brian Kelly addressed why sophomore quarterback Andrew Hendrix didn’t play against Navy after playing in Notre Dame’s previous two games.“I wouldn’t read into it too much,” Kelly said. “Each game is a different game, and the flow of the game is such that we continue to rep him. We continue to put a package in there. We like where he’s going, we like his development, but we’re still looking for the right opportunities to get him in.”Kelly designed a package of plays for Hendrix because he wanted opponents to prepare for starter Tommy Rees as well as a quarterback who excels running the ball such as Hendrix. I assumed Hendrix didn’t play because it wasn’t as if he was going to surprise a Navy defense that plays against its own option offense in practice every week. Kelly shot down that assumption.“I want to be careful not to pigeonhole Andrew Hendrix into an option quarterback. That’s not what he is. He adds a little dimension to that position with his ability to run. Quite frankly, we didn’t need another dimension to the game. I thought we were just fine. “Finding a place for him in our offense isn’t just to run option. It’s to keep the defense off balance and provide them with many different facets to chose from. In the Navy game we were doing pretty good.”