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C-SPAN special on Adlai Stevenson, live tonight from Libertyville, Ill.

below, from C-SPAN….


LIVE from the Stevenson Family

Home in Libertyville, Illinois

7-9pmCT Friday, November 4, 2011 on:


Re-airs Friday night at 10pmCT

Adlai Stevenson comes from a long line of political figures. His grandfather, Adlai Stevenson I was Vice President during President Grover Cleveland’s second term, his maternal great-grandfather was Abraham Lincoln’s Campaign Manager and his father was Secretary of State of Illinois. After serving one term as Governor of Illinois Stevenson tried to do what no one in his family ever attempted, to become President. He tried twice, in 1952 and 1956, but fell short in both attempts against Dwight Eisenhower, but he managed to change political history along the way. He is one of the 14 candidates featured in C-SPAN’s weekly series “The Contenders,” – this week live from the Stevenson Family Home in Libertyville, Illinois.

Joining us on the program to discuss Stevenson and the culture, history, politics and relevance of the time period are:

Richard Norton Smith, Presidential Historian and History Professor at George Mason University

Newton Minow, Former Assistant Counsel to Adlai Stevenson and former Chairman of the FCC

Adlai Stevenson III, former U.S. Senator and son of Adlai Stevenson II (our Contender)

For more information on the series and our Contenders, go to where you’ll find videos, biographical information, election results, helpful links, and more on each of the 14 figures featured in the series.