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Winter of 2010/11: Kiss my ass

Sometimes, you just pull the grill out into the snow.

And grill.

The much announced warmup was supposed to knock all this snow out. But most of our backyard is still under a drift of a foot to a foot and a half.

So after I filed the column for tomorrow and the Midwest Fishing Report, I pulled the grill out of the garage and into a path I shoveled two weeks ago, then crammed it into a drift.

Perfect. Easier to level in the snow.

Then I grilled brats, chicken quarters and country ribs, and baked potatoes.

All as a nearly full moon lifted higher and shed light. It was warm enough that I could run back and forth to the kitchen wearing only a good Starved Rock vest and a gray stocking cap.

It was exactly what I needed.

The kids and my wife must have needed it, too. They plowed through the food.

It’s good to provide.

The winter is long. This helped.