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House Republicans to try again on Boehner bill debt vote

WASHINGTON–House Republicans huddle at 10 a.m. Friday to look for enough votes to pass House Speaker John Boehner’s deficit/debt ceiling package–which never faced a rollcall last night because the votes were not there.

The Friday morning update from Boehner press secretary Brendan Buck to the press corps:

“Ladies and gentlemen, happy Friday to you. This morning, the House GOP Conference will hold a meeting at 10am to discuss the House’s two-step plan to raise the debt limit and cut spending. As the Majority Leader has indicated, a vote is still expected later today. Part of changing the way Washington works is ending the old practice of forcing bills through the House in the dark of night. Our predecessors did that regularly – we will not. Whether any modifications to the bill will be made remains to be seen, but I will keep you updated as always. The House remains committed to preventing default and ensuring the American people get spending cuts greater than any debt limit increase – with no tax increases. Whatever action the House takes today, it’s clear the ball is in Senate Democrats’ court. The House has passed legislation to prevent a default. The Senate has so far proven unable to pass anything. Senate Democrats can no longer hide behind hyperbolic rhetoric – it’s time for them to act. Keep in touch, will ya.”