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Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs enter NFL history books together

Brian Urlacher still didn’t believe what he had witnessed Sunday at EverBank Field.

Charles Tillman and Lance Briggs intercepted passes and returned them for touchdowns — just like they did against the Dallas Cowboys.

“It’s unreal,” Urlacher said. “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Neither has anyone else.

According to the NFL, Tillman and Briggs are the first teammates in league history to each return an interception for a touchdown in consecutive games.

Throw in Major Wright’s interception return for a touchdown, and the Bears have five pick-sixes — also an NFL record.

“I know they know how important it is to take the ball away but, after a while, you see one guy doing it and you want to join in on that action,” Bears coach Lovie Smith said. “It’s discouraging for the offense too, when you get in [the end zone]. We know we win when we score one time [on defense] and I think it is probably safe to say we haven’t lost when we’ve scored a couple of times on the defensive side.”