Republicans take to Craigslist personals

SHARE Republicans take to Craigslist personals

Some conservatives in the Tampa Bay area are hoping to find some romance on Craigslist before the Republican National Convention gears up on Tuesday.

Under the headline “Any Republican females?”, a 33-year-old man lays out his political views almost as if it were a peacock mating dance.

Any cute, single Republican girls in town for the RNC or local girls want to meet up some time this week? I am an interesting, libertarian-minded capitalist in Tampa. I like Romney, I love Ryan, and I recognize Obama as a socialist. I am not socially conservative at all. I like to get out and have fun. I could show you around.

In a missed connections posting, a 25-year-old man in town for the convention describes how he fell head over heels for a waitress at a nearby Hooters.

You and I share the same name. I just wanted to let you know that you are absolutely beautiful. You’re smile was unbeliveable, I couldn’t help but smile back everytime. I’d have told you in person but I’m sure you get that enough from creepy guys. I’m only here untill the RNC is over which is a total shame. Next time I’ll be sure to bring my i.d.

A slew of gay men are also hoping to find some loving, too.

In a posting titled “RNC men hit me up,” a 22-year-old man writes that he’s only “looking for the right RNC man to hang out with.”

A female convention-goer even offers to pose as a significant other for a gay man in posting tilted, “RNC closet dwellers – I’ll be your BEARD.”

“I’m a female that can accompany you in public to throw off suspicions but we can go to gay bars so you can have some real fun,” she writes.

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