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The Evening Rush for Monday, Oct. 21, 2013

Alex Brandon/AP

Bad News Bears

It was a rough Sunday for the Bears, and those beget rough Mondays. Both Lance Briggs and Jay Cutler will be out for at least six and four weeks, respectively, it was announced today, plus there is a bevy of other banged-up players we’re still waiting to hear about (Tillman, Marshall). Sure, the Bears have a bye this week which will buy them time to heal, but then they face the Packers and Lions, two big divisional foes. And the Bears are currently tied for second in the NFC North with the Lions, a half-game back of the Packers, so they’ll be without crucial pieces of the roster for two huge, season-making games. So what’s next? Not Tim Tebow, if our readers have anything to say about it. [Sun-Times, Tim Tebow reax, Morrissey, Telander]

“I don’t know what I knew”

Only a man with the name “Richard Daley” could get away with saying something that preposterous under oath. And he did, during depositions for a lawsuit brought by Rahm’s City Hall over a sweetheart deal for Park Grill in Millenium Park, one the city alleges a parks official helped secure for her lover. Who else but the Sun-Times Watchdogs have this covered. [Sun-Times]

Defending the ACA

In a speech at the White House this morning, President Obama admitted there are tech glitches that have plagued the websites for his new health care plans but promised to remedy the situation, and then he helped a woman who almost fainted because he’s the president. [WaPo, HuffPo]

Bat beating testimony

The getaway driver in the 2010 Bucktown baseball-bat beating testified today about the night, claiming defendant Heriberto Viramontes wanted to rob the two women who he then allegedly beat. [Sun-Times]

Nevada shooting

A student opened fire at his Nevada middle school today, killing a teacher and wounding two other students before he was killed. [NBC News]

The NSA goes to France

The latest group ensnared in the NSA surveillance controversy: France. [AP]

Arena unrest

A group of protesters called for the city to not use TIF money to fund that new DePaul arena at McCormick Place, a call that history tells us the city will happily ignore. [Sun-Times]


Any brawl that starts in the line for prizes at a Chuck E. Cheese is a brawl that the participants should be forever shamed for starting. [DNA Info]

Welcome back!

Welcome back, south end of the Red Line! You look great. [Sun-Times]

Equality reigns in Jersey

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie withdrew his appeal of the state’s new gay marriage law as same-sex marriages got underway just after midnight. []


Jim Leyland has stepped down as manager of the Detroit Tigers. [ESPN]

The Bright One

The Sun-Times Editorial Board takes on the new call for mandatory minimum sentences being pushed by Mayor Emanuel, and WBEZ has a worthwhile listen on the same topic. [Sun-Times, WBEZ]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

There were some inspiring stories after last week’s Chicago Marathon, but did anyone run it while knitting a scarf? [K.C. Star]