Tornado miracle, turkey shortages and the rest of the morning’s news

SHARE Tornado miracle, turkey shortages and the rest of the morning’s news
SHARE Tornado miracle, turkey shortages and the rest of the morning’s news

1 Silver lining

Yesterday was another grim day in Washington, Ill. Officials revised the number of homes damaged or destroyed by Sunday’s tornado to upward of 1,000. Amid the heartbreak, a remarkable story: a priceless family keepsake, intact, found in Bolingbrook — more than 100 miles from the scene of the wreckage. [Sun-Times]

2 Remember immigration?

Signaling that his job includes more than apologizing/not apologizing for the health care rollout, President Obama said he’d accept a piecemeal approach to immigration legislation, rather than a more comprehensive bill. [WSJ]

3 Goliath is rich

Everything’s coming up Rauner, except for the polls. Despite raising more than $3 million last quarter, the millionaire businessman still trailed state Sen. Bill Brady in the GOP primary. Brady raised just $66,000 last quarter, proving once and for all that our democracy is immune to the influence of money in politics. [Sun-Times]

4 Bully for you

In the midst of the roiling debate over workplace bullying, Grid advice columnist Amos Ornstein fields a question from an oblivious boss who likes to tease the “confirmed bachelors.” And that’s when the onslaught begins. Much like bullying itself, Ornstein’s advice is kinda NSFW. Bring goggles. [Grid]

5 Going into overtime

The owners of Harry Caray’s have sued to stop the $150 million makeover of Navy Pier because it’ll block their views of the skyline and the lake because it worked so well for those opposing Wolf Point. They allege that it’ll also attract rats, which are apparently not already a thing in Chicago. [Crain’s]

6 Fast start

A month in, the city’s speeding cameras located near parks and schools are putting the fear of tickets into motorists. [Sun-Times]

7 White meat, dark times

With Thanksgiving now in the crosshairs, Butterball is dealing with the unimaginable — a shortage of 16-pound turkeys. Considering that the giant provides 1 in 4 birds for the big day, it’s fair to expect violence in the frozen aisle. [Businessweek]

8 Slow food, slow business

Meet SloFIG, an angel investment group that targets local sustainable food businesses. Only one issue — it’s not easy being green. Most businesses in the sector are too young to merit the investments. [Grid]

The Latest
Christopher Morel hit a home run, and Brandon Hughes struck out five Pirates in the Cubs’ 7-0 win Tuesday.
One step would be to adjust the deadline in the city’s heating ordinance to a date earlier than June 1.
Zoning Committee Chairman Tom Tunney (44th), who doubles as the casino committee chairman, said he is not at all certain that the votes are there to approve the companion agreements. “There’s still a lot of work to be done. I don’t know if we can get it done by Friday. But that’s their goal...We might need more time. That’s all I’m gonna say.”