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The 7 best things to know about the Obama family Christmas

WASHINGTON–First Lady Michelle Obama turns 50 on Jan. 17 and speaking to patients at the Children’s Medical Center with dog Sunny here on Monday she said she felt “fifty and fabulous” as she also talked about Obama Christmas traditions and gifts. The First Family departs Friday for Hawaii, where they spend the holidays each year.

As for what she will do on that milestone birthday, Mrs. Obama said,”And I’m not exactly sure yet what I’m going to do, but it might involve some dancing. A little Dougie.”

Here are seven things to know about the Obama Christmas:

Favorite Holiday song: “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”

Favorite Christmas tradition as a kid: “Getting toys on Christmas Day.”

Sunny and Bo gifts: “They are getting chew toys. Yes, lots of the hard ones because they chew their toys up. So they’re going to get more doggie toys.”

Sasha and Malia gifts: “Malia wanted a cell phone, but then her father got it for her, and I was like, you messed it up. It’s like, that should have been a Christmas gift. .. They’re going to get small things. We don’t do a lot of big gift-giving. They get to ask for three things.”

Present for the president: “I might get him some workout clothes. Well, that’s what he wanted, though. He said that’s what he wanted. Don’t think — I’m not forcing my husband to work out. Don’t think — there’s going to be some Let’s Move joke about how I’m strapping him to the treadmill. No, he likes to work out.”

Where hang Christmas stockings: In Hawaii, where the family vacations each year.

On dislike of snow: “I grew up in Chicago, and Chicago, it was always snowy, so that always felt like Christmas. But now when you’re older, old people, snow is a hassle. You’ve got to shovel it. And then when the ice forms on your car window shield, there’s nothing worse than scraping that off. Come on, people. You’ve got – — that’s kind of a hassle.”