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Comedian Louis CK lands new deal at FX Networks

Louis CK, via

Comedian-writer-director Louis C.K. now has an expanded role at FX Networks, which airs his award-winning show “Louie.” In addition to “Louie” duties, FX recently announced, C.K. (whose real last name is Szekely) will shepherd new pilots into existence via his production company Pig Newton. He might even write and/or direct some of them, which is surely great news to his legions of fans.

Here’s a gushy statement from FX honcho John Landgraf: “Working with Louis C.K. has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences of my career. So many incredibly talented artists want to work with Louis and follow down the independent and idiosyncratic creative trail he has blazed. I can’t wait to see who he brings through our door, not to mention any new projects that he wants to create for us.”

“Louie,” for those of you counting the days, starts a new season (#4) next spring.

Warning: Strong language