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Field Museum correspondent/Youtube channel host discusses sexist comments aimed her way

Emily Graslie is a Field Museum coordinator and the host of a popular Youtube science channel called “The Brain Scoop.” She regularly tackles all sorts of neat science topics in and around the museum, but last week, her discussion took a more personal turn.

In her November 27 video, Graslie was asked what part of her job she doesn’t look forward to. Anyone who has ever given a cursory glance at Youtube comments can probably guess where this is going.

“I would have to say it would be the frustratingly negative and sexist comments that I have to sift through in my various inboxes on a daily basis,” Graslie says. “Now don’t get me wrong; the overwhelming majority of comments I receive are positive and encouraging, but there are still a lot of nastiness that I have to deal with on a daily basis.”

She goes on to read aloud some of the sexist comments and emails she’s received, and more importantly, Graslie directly addresses what women have to go through when it comes to dealing with this harassment.

The whole video is well watching, check it out below.