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Bench coach Parent expected his benching

Bench coach Mark Parent “pretty much expected’’ he would be ejected for his words to crew chief Jerry Layne in Sunday’s lineup exchange.

Parent was still angry about “some things’’ that happened in Friday and Saturday’s games against Texas. On Friday, Ventura was ejected after arguing about Ian Kinsler’s inside-the-park home run. On Saturday the Sox objected to Alexei Ramirez being called out on a play at home.

“We started talking. We had a little disagreement. It got out of hand and he decided to throw me out,’’ Parent said. “It always feels good [after you vent], but it costs you money.

“I didn’t feel bad about it when it happened. But I felt bad I wasn’t in the game to help the club and Robin.

“I thought it was something I needed to say—and I don’t get to see [the umpires] very often,’ Parent said.