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Illinois Video Gaming Data

Search the maps below to find data on individual Illinois video gaming locations as of June, 2013. Scroll to the bottom to search a database to find locations by name, town or county. All amounts are for the month of June.

Here is how the profits shown in the data are divided:

Establishment: 35%

Machine Operator: 35%

State: 25%

Town: 5%

Interactive map of Chicago area video gaming locations.

Zoom in or enter address or ZIP code, then click on the location for more data.

Video gaming locations and data for the rest of the state, as of June 2013.

Zoom in and click on the location for more data.

Use this database to search for individual establishments, or to compare groups of establishments by town or county.

Online Database by Caspiotry{f_cbload(“d23410005de9316dc87b48dc8f54″,”http:”);}catch(v_e){;}

Click here to load this Caspio Online Database.Source for all data: Illinois Gaming Board