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Charles Tillman limited at practice by knee injury but expected to play Sunday

The Bears’ had no one listed on their injury report last week. But a big name showed up on this week, just a few days before the Minnesota Vikings come to town.

Cornerback Charles Tillman was limited at practice on Wednesday with a knee injury. But it’s not considered serious and he’s expected to play against the Vikings at Soldier Field on Sunday.

“I do expect him to play,” coach Marc Trestman said. “He was limited today. He did do some work not just in individual but during team. I just think it’s just precautionary not to give him all the reps, but he was out there working.”

Tillman did meet the media on Wednesday prior to the injury report being released. He made no mention of a knee injury, but talked about facing the Vikings and tackling running back Adrian Peterson.

“He’s in a league of his own — another elite player in this game,” Tillman said. “He was definitely the MVP for a reason last year. I think our defense will have our hands full, but he’s a guy that makes you play team football. You can’t just have one guy tackle him. You want to have a population tackle. So yeah, I think he will be a good challenge for us.”

Cincinnati Bengals receiver A.J. Green was a challenge for Tillman in the Bears’ 24-21 victory in Week 1. He came away really impressed by the young star.

“I think he’s an elite receiver,” Tillman said. “I thought we did a great job competing. He made some unbelievable catches. I see him doing that to a lot of teams the rest of his career. He’s a special kid.”

Tillman missed a series in the second quarter against the Bengals because he was feeling ill. He said he felt OK on Wednesday.

“I was just a little dehydrated, but that’s an easy fix,” Tillman said. “IV [fluids] fixed that, Pedialyte, Coconut Water. I’m good.”