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Chicago outdoors: Art & fish of Larry Green

Wednesday’s column was about Larry Green, his art and his fishing on the Sun-Times outdoors page; and below is a taste of his art.

The lead photo gives a taste of the fullness of Green’s interests, life and art.

The water tanks of Green, in many forms, are my favorites of his art.

I find myself noticing the remaining water tanks around Chicago, ever since I first heard about Green’s book, Water Tanks of Chicago: A Vanishing Urban Legacy.

One of my favorite scenes in the outdoors is a goldfinch feeding. Green did this one from a scene in Humboldt Park.

And he does fish silhouettes. Just to get you hooked.

And apt subject for the founder of the Humboldt Park Fishing Society.

He does art in many forms and many price ranges. I watched him sell a small piece of art to a young girl for $3 Saturday from his booth at the Ultimate Outdoor Show.

That’s what she had. It was probably worth $35.

If you are interested, Green is doing an artist’s yard sale from 9-5 Saturday and Sunday at 2322 N. Sawyer in Chicago